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These are several projects I have made and are currently for sale.  I also can make anything you want to dream up.



Project Name

This is a golf club storage holder.  It can be painted in any color and size.  Great for storage and keeping the equipment together.

Price $149.99


Project Name

Flag ball display.  I make several ball displays from the flag seen here to just a small custom shelf.  Let me know what you would like, I also can make any flag you are looking for.  Size is 36x20x3 and holds 50 balls.

Price $159.99



Project Name

Golf club coat and hat rack.  Great for any room and can make them any size.  The 4 club rack is 16" wide.  We can always add more if you have room. 

Price Starting $69.99


Project Name

Golf club wine rack.  Great for any man cave or room and can be made to any size.  This is a 3 rack system and measures 

Width: 12 1/2 inches

Height: 25 1/4 inches

Price Starting $109.99

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