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Man on a Bench

Our Benches

These are a few of the benches we have in stock.  We also have some tailgates looking to be made into a bench.  So if you are looking for a certain style let us know.



Project Name

This is a old ford tailgate made into a bench measuring 6 feet long.  We have a few more Ford and Chevy gates with benches and a few very old Fords looking for a home.  This would be great for that man cave.  Contact us about the ones we have.

Starting Price $499.99


Project Name

Prevent porch pirates from stealing your parcels with this beautiful, locking storage box that can also serve as extra seating on your porch, entryway or stoop.  This measures 24" wide and 4' long.

Starting Price $159.99



Project Name

American Bench measuring 5 feet long and each stripe is individually made.  We can make any color you would like and or any flag you would like.  These have been very popular for memorial benches.

Starting Price $439.99


Project Name

Outdoor patio chairs.  We can also make a couch if you are seeking that.  These chairs are made with 2x4s and and very heavy and sturdy.  Great for any porch and around the fire pit.

Starting Price $109.99

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