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Wood Products

Cutting Boards

We sell several different styles of cutting boars including shapes and design handles.  What do you seek and what can we make for you.  We also do charcuterie boards for those parties.


Project Name

We have many differnt styles and handle types.  What are you looking for and we can also personalize everything you see.  16x11x1 is the starting size, we also make make bigger ones.

Starting Price $39.99


Project Name

Charcuterie boards made to different style as well as shape.  This is one of our most popular items.  We can also personalize if that is something you are looking for.


Starting Price $69.99



Project Name

This is a holiday candy dish and can make anything from Halloween to Valentines.  Very popular and looks great on the dining room table.  Starting size 11x11

Starting Price $39.99

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