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Here are a few items currently for sale and we can always make more.  Thank you for visiting.

candle 3.jpg


Project Name

Candles are perfect for gifts, for weddings or around the house.  They can also be personalized.  Large candle 5" to the small at 2".

Starting Price $29.99


Project Name

Custom phone holder and coin dish.  There is an area as well for the watch charger, keys, coins and misc.  We can paint any color and also customize with initials.

Starting Price $49.99



Project Name

Wooden us flag.  This is all custom made and is one piece of wood.  Great for decoration and even adding hooks for a key holder. Small size 19.5" up to the large size of 37" x 19.5"

Starting Price $109.99


Project Name

Wooden wall art.  Each piece is different and we can make any style type and size you are looking for.

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